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Sea creatures that are able to swim freely under their own power are classified as nekton. The nekton group of animals includes some of the most classic examples of sea life, including whales, dolphins, and fish.other types of sea animals that can only live on the ocean floor or drift in the ocean currents, nektonic animals can move around wherever they want to because they are able to swim.This clownfish is an example of nekton, while the leather coral is an example of a animal.This usually means that they are larger and more biologically complex organisms than those that can’t swim, because it requires complex body systems to be able to swim and regulate body position in the water.

Many creatures live in the sea, including ones that most people have not even heard about. Some of these animals live deep in the sea, while others swim around only in the upper regions. Of the many sea creatures that exist, some of the best known are sharks, dolphins and whales. There are also bony fish and other creatures that live deep down and are rarely seen.

Sharks are not always attacking people, as the media sometimes can make it out to be. There are many types of sharks, including the great white, mako, nurse shark, tiger shark, bull shark and the more unusual hammerhead. Sharks have no bones in their bodies; instead, they have a skeletal system that is only made up of cartilage. Some sharks must move their entire lives to be able to live, as the water pushes oxygen through their gills into their lungs. Baby sharks, known as pups, are born ready to take care of themselves. The great white shark is the deadliest known shark, and it is the only shark that is warm-blooded.